14th Annual Congress of the Hellenic College of Cardiology & Cardio Cath Meeting 2018 Live Demonstration Course

Note: Photography and filming may take place at the event for security purposes. Material may be used on social media to relation to this events. If you have any concerns, please speak to a member of the CONFERRE team (email:info@conferre.gr).

Scientific Information

Technical Support Personnel
The technical support personnel will be operating during the sessions
of the scientific program at the back side of the main lecture hall
“PANDORA A” in order to assist speakers/ presenting authors
and collect all presentations.

For PPT Presentations (applies to all presenters)

Formal Requirements

Advertising: Advertising of products is prohibited. Be sure your slides are free of any commercial bias (eg company names or logos).

Patient anonymity: Kindly make sure that no patient names or any other information allowing the identification of a patient appearing in your presentation.

Copyright reserved: It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that any part of the slide show (figures, tables, images, etc.) is free of any third party right.

Technical Requirements

Format: preferable format is MS PowerPoint (pptx or ppsx). Macintosh presentations will be accepted.*

Saving of files: For onsite upload, the presentation has to be saved on a USB flash (recommended).

Video clips: If you are using embedded video clips in your presentation, please remember to also have the video clips in a separate file (not only in the presentation).

Fonts & character: To avoid any possible compatibility problems, it is preferable not to use any special fonts or special characters.

You are kindly requested to deliver your presentation(s) to the technical support personnel at least one (1) hour before the beginning of the Session (in order to ensure on time they run smoothly and to be able of making any possible changes). If the presentation is scheduled early in the morning, you are kindly requested to check your presentation with the technical support personnel the day before.

Your PPT presentation will be available in the lecture hall via computer network. There will be no possibility of connecting your personal laptop in the lecture hall, due to the very restricted timeslots (row of the presentations).

The main Hall will be equipped with the following: • LCD projector with remote control (operated by presenter) • Screen & Lighted pointer • Podium mounted microphone • Audience aisle microphones

It is very important to respect the flow of the session and the exact time available for each presentation and therefore you are requested to be consistent with the time slots. It is advisable to rehearse your presentation prior to the meeting to ascertain that the time is not exceeded.

*To the attention of Mac users:

Please make sure to have the suitable adapter and to also have a backup PPT for PC.
You are kindly requested to meet with the technical support personnel at least two (2) hours before the beginning of the session, in order to assure compatibility (or backup solutions).

Conflict of Interest Disclosure (applies to all Invited Faculty)

According to the Greek National Organization for Medicines policy, no invited presentation should have any commercial association. Therefore, in compliance with their guidelines, all invited faculty (speakers/chairmen/ moderators etc) participating in the Congress are strictly requested to disclose or indicate potential conflicts of interest (with the Congress sponsors) that might cause a bias.


We are happy to inform all delegates that this year Cardio Cath 2018 has established a distinguished partnership with TCT.

Committed to this engaged cooperation all presentations of Cardio Cath Meeting 2018 will be hosted throughout a year on the TCTMD homepage.
The content will be in PDF format (as well as video if available).

For this reason all presenters of Cardio Cath 2018 meeting are kindly requested to give their permission by signing the appropriate form upon their arrival at the Speakers Ready Room providing their presentation (operating in Hall Pandora A).

Kindly also note that all speakers names will be hosted in a special section of the TCTMD homepage and will be announced in TCTMD’s weekly electronic newsletter (approximate distribution of over 47,000 users)

The Course Directors of Cardio Cath 2018 meeting would like to thank all the invited faculty members for their participation and valuable contribution to this year’s meeting.