14th Annual Congress of the Hellenic College of Cardiology & Cardio Cath Meeting 2018 Live Demonstration Course

Note: Photography and filming may take place at the event for security purposes. Material may be used on social media to relation to this events. If you have any concerns, please speak to a member of the CONFERRE team (email:info@conferre.gr).

General Information


Hotel Du Lac
K. Papoulia & Ikkou,
45221 Ionannina
Tel.: +30 26510 59100
Fax: +30 26510 59200
E-mail: info@hoteldulac.gr

Hall Pandora Α - 14ο Ετήσιο Συνέδριο Ελληνικού Κολλεγίου Καρδιολογίας
Hall Pandora Β - Συνέδριο Ειδικευομένων
Hall Pandora C - Cardio Cath Meeting 2018 Live Demonstration Course - In Partnership With Tct2018

Dates & Hours

Thursday 28 June 2018 12.00 – 19.00
Friday 29 June 2018 09.30 – 21.00

Scientific Programme

Thursday 28 June 2018
Hall Pandora Α 12.00 – 19.40
Hall Pandora Β 12.00 – 17.00
Hall Pandora C 12.00 – 19.30

Friday 29 June 2018
Hall Pandora Α 10.00 – 21.00
Hall Pandora Β 09.30 – 17.00
Hall Pandora C 10.00 – 21.30

Saturday 30 June 2018
Hall Pandora Α 10.00 – 20.00
Hall Pandora Β 09.30 – 17.30
Hall Pandora C 10.00 – 20.45

Secretariat/Technical Support/Exhibition
Thursday 28 June 2018 12.00 – 19.40
Friday 29 June 2018 09.30 – 21.30
Saturday 30 June 2018 09.30 – 20.45

Official Website


Name Badge – Scanning (mandatory)

All Participants upon confirmation of their registration at the Secretariat will be provided with a unique Name Badge, which must be scanned, in order to record their attendance for the receipt of their certificate upon completion of the Congress.

Your personal name badge is your passport to all scientific sessions and the exhibition area. All participants are required to wear their badges (visibly) during all sessions. Make sure you will not forget to take always with you this unique name badge.

It must be clearly understood that barcode badges must be scanned before entering AND after exiting the session Halls (in order the exact duration of attendance to be recorded).

-- Name badge already used for recording credits of attendance cannot be replaced with a second badge (as credits will not be allocated properly).
-- Name badges are also necessary to be returned to the Secretariat for receiving the Certificate(s) of Attendance.
-- Time slots for satellite sessions and breaks cannot be recorded

Also note:
According to the Regulation of the Greek National Organization of Medicines, participation for at least of 60% of the total duration of the scientific program must be secured and recorded!

Certificate of Attendance

All registered participants are entitled to receive on line a Certificate of Attendance. The Certificate will be issued only upon complication of the online - Evaluation Form (anonymous) as feedback of their experience during the Congresses by the end of the Congresses.

Evaluation Form (mandatory)

All participants by the end of the Congress will be requested to complete an online - Evaluation Form (anonymous) as feedback of their experience during the Congresses.

Technical Support Personnel

The technical support personnel will be operating during the sessions of the scientific program in order to assist speakers/presenting authors with their Presentations.

Liability and Insurance

The Organizers as well as the Organizing-Administrative Bureau of the Congresses will assume no liability for injuries or losses of any nature incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, or for the damage, loss or theft of their personal property during the Symposium. Participants are advised to take out their own health, travel and personal insurances.