67th Panhellenic Conference
of the Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Invited Speakers Talks

  • H. Ronald Kaback It takes two to tango: structure/function studies yield a mechanism for symport
  • Marcos Gonzalez Gaitán Asymmetric spindle, asymmetric signaling endosomes, asymmetric division
  • Marino Zerial Molecular mechanisms of endosome tethering and fusion
  • Jop Kind Genome architecture in single human cells
  • Evi Soutoglou Spatial organization of DNA repair within the nucleus
  • Tassos Economou Protein secretion: from orchestrated disorder to dynamic machines
  • Frank Fackelmayer Nuclear architecture as the highest level of epigenetic regulation
  • Electra Gizeli Acoustic wave biosensors: an emerging tool for biophysical studies and molecular diagnostics
  • George Diallinas Eukaryotic transporters and the paradigm of UapA: all the way through, from genetics to function to structure and back
  • Apostolos Klinakis Epigenetic regulators and epithelial tumorigenesis
  • George Stathopoulos The role of mutant KRAS in malignant pleural disease
  • Iannis Talianidis H4K20 monomethylation controls of hepatic metabolic pathways by facilitating RNA Pol-II release from promoter regions
  • Artemis Hatzigeorgiou DIANA microRNA tools: In silico analysis of miRNAs towards identification of biomarkers
  • Katerina Chlichlia Immunotherapeutic strategies for induction of protective tumor-specific immune responses in mice