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About Metsovo

Metsovo: The most picturesque settlement of Greece


The traditional village of Metsovo cascades down a mountain at about 3,300 feet above sea level, below the 6,069-foot Katara pass, which is the highest in Greece and marks the border between Epirus and Thessaly.


From Athens: 5 hours drive trip (~410 km)
From Thessaloniki: 2 hours drive trip (~220km)
From Patra: 3,5 hours drive trip (~260 km)


The etymology of the name “Metsovo” from the words Mitsous, Mesovounon or from the unattested Slav word *Mẹčovo, meaning bear-place, which have been proposed at times by academics and historians, are not accepted by linguistic research.

The city of Metsovo is reported for first time in 1380 A.C. in the chronicle of brothers Proklos and Komninos. Initially it was a small settlement of shepherds. Later, because of his important geographic place it enjoyed particular preferential treatment that contributed in the survival and accelerated the rhythms of multifarious growth in difficult times. Big destruction suffered the city of Metsovo on 27 March 1854 from the Turkish troops of Avdi Pasha. The city of Metsovo was released from the Turkish Balance on 31 October 1912 from forces of regular Greek army, Crete volunteer soldiers and of Epirus volunteers. Decisive importance make for the modern economic and cultural growth of the city of Metsovo it constitutes the Institution of Michael Tositsas, that was created in 1948, from himself the Benefactor with the encouragement of Evangelos Averof Tositsas.

A little more….

While some ski towns lose their lustre out of season, idyllic Metsovo (met-so-vo) charms year-round. Fresh alpine air, lofty views and traditional wooden architecture make it a relaxing stop – as well as a potentially gluttonous one.

The hospitable locals are mostly Vlachs, descendants of a nomadic sheep-herding people who spoke the Aromanian language.

Visit Katogi-Averoff Winery and discover the wine-making process, animated with video projections and sound and art installations.

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