LIVE 2020

Dear colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the new «LIVE- Seminar Edition», which will take place on 14-16 May 2020 in Larissa at the Larissa Imperial Hotel.
Over the last 10 years, the LIVE conferences have shared an insight into the modern research and cutting edge technologies associated with Vascular Pathologies. But we have been improved!
The next LIVE is hosting many, well established scientists and scholars from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to share discussions and interactions. Thus, we promise, that this renewed, forthcoming LIVE will cover a wide spectrum of themes related to the vascular science, in order to boost our further knowledge to modern challenges.
However, we are delighted to announce, that this time, the Institute of Vascular Diseases launches for the first time the new «LIVE- Seminar Edition». This year’s attempt is to offer a more educational version, much important especially for young vascular researchers. During these 3 days, there will be held a plethora of Seminars and Workshops and young trainees will have the opportunity to keep up with the most recent scientific accomplishments. Furthermore, apart from multiple Lectures and Posters Presentations, a variety of Clinical Cases and Live Cases Transmissions will provide a deep and experiential knowledge of real-life incidents. And, of course, all these activities are enriched by Satellite Symposia, covering a wide range of interdisciplinary affairs.
A decade of constant willingness for improvement and we venture to broaden all the potentials that a typical conference has. We invite you to dare with us and be a part of our new LIVE edition and witness the importance of this progressive and interactive event.
Last but not least, committed to its non-profit character, IVD kindly reminds you that we still run the «Travelling Fellowships Awards» for those medical professionals, who want to expand their training in treatment of vascular diseases abroad. It could be you!
Save the date! Larissa, the beloved city of the river-god Penaeus, waits for you to explore it as well.

With our warmest regards
E. Arnaoutoglou, A. Giannoukas, N. Labropoulos, M. Lazarides,
M. Matsagkas, D. Tsetis, I. Tsolakis

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