NEW Abstract Submission Deadline Abstract-submission deadline date September 7th 2021.

Call for Abstracts

Important dates

NEW Abstract Submission Deadline
Abstract-submission deadline date September 7th 2021

You can submit your abstract HERE

Pre-registration Deadline for Authors:
All Authors should register until November 25th 2021
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection of Abstracts
Notification of authors’ date October 30th 2021

Abstract Submission

Abstracts must be submitted ONLY ONLINE through this website.

For Oral and Poster Presentations

All colleagues are invited to present their research to an international audience of experts, faculty and students from all related fields of science and actively contribute to the scientific programme.

Abstracts must be submitted ONLY ONLINE through this website.
Abstracts submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.


  • Recent Developments in Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Methods
  • Polymer Physics 
  • PolymerEngineering 
  • Biopolymers&Applications
  • Polymers for Emerging Technologies (Energy, Organic Electronics, Environment, Nanotechnology
  • Advances in Polymer Theory and Simulations
  • Polymers in Industry 


Please fill out the following fields:

  • Topic:Choose the most relevant topic for the abstract from the dropdown list.
  • Title:Insert the title of the abstract avoiding the use of non-standard abbreviations in capital letters
  • Summary:Write or copy and paste the abstract. The text body should not exceed the limit of 300 words. There is no need for formatting the text (size of letters, bold, etc).
  • Structure:Abstracts must use the following structured format: -Introduction -Methods -Results -Conclusions In the final version, the text will not be sorted into paragraphs
  • Table(s):Table/diagram/picture should be saved as an image file (jpeg, gif etc) before being uploaded (otherwise will not be uploaded successfully). Use of such graphics will automatically reduce the number of words allowed (it should correspond to 50 words and must be included in the limitation of 300 words in order to fit the size of an A4 paper). A maximum of two (2) images can be included per abstract. The image(s) will be placed at the bottom of the abstract in all publications and may be resized to fit in the format of the final printed material.
  • Authors: Insert the author information by pressing the relevant buttons to add the authors one by one. Fill in the names, the University/Institution in the Affiliation field and the Department in the Department field. Choose the presenting author by clicking the relevant box and finally choose the display order of the authors using numbers in the relevant field. If an author needs to be registered to more than one affiliation, you are kindly requested to fill out only the Affiliation field (leave the Department field blank) and use the symbol between the two affiliations (eg. Department of Physics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece University of Thessaly, Larissa, Greece).
  • When you are ready click Save to submit.If everything goes well, you will receive (by email) an “Abstract Submission Number” indicating that your abstract has successfully been submitted. This number must be referred to in all correspondence. If you do not receive this automatic email immediately after your submission, your abstract has not been submitted properly. In this case you are kindly requested to repeat the procedure or contact the Organizing Bureau/Secretariat ( for further information and assistance.
  • You can edit your submitted abstract until the submission deadlinein the following way. Click the link at the end of the confirmation email you received after the submission, and it will lead you again to this submission form where you can edit any of the abstract information and resubmit. 
  • Contact/Queries:For any further information or clarification regarding your abstract submission you may contact the Organizing/Secretariat ( for further information and assistance.
    Notes to Remember
  1. For any abstract submitted for presentation, the Registration Feefor at least one of the authors must be paid. If a participant pays the Registration Fee in order to submit an abstract and the abstract is finally not accepted, there will be a full refund only if the author does not desire to participate in the Conference and send a written request to the Secretariat within 15 days of the notification of abstract rejection.Abstracts must be original.
  2. Abstracts must be original.Abstracts already presented and published, will not be accepted.

Notification Email

The corresponding author will be notified with reference to the approval or rejection of the submitted abstract(s) by email*

*email address completed in the online form by the corresponding author during the abstract submission.