This page will be updated in response to the new dates of the congress (June 13-16, 2021).

Scientific Program

Overview of the topics

  • Occurrence, fate, transportation and behavior of pesticides and related micropollutants in the environment
  • Monitoring of pesticide residues, metabolites and emerging pollutants in water, sediment, soil, air and biota
  • Levels of pesticides in food and food safety aspects
  • New analytical techniques (green, micro, sensor-based methods, etc...) and strategies for the analysis of pesticides and related organic pollutants
  • Recent developments in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the determination of environmental and food contaminants
  • Fate modelling in the environment
  • Environmental protection and remediation techniques. Technology breakthrough for the removal of pesticides and emerging pollutants
  • (Eco)toxicity and environmental risk assessment.
  • Omics technologies for toxicological and environmental risk assessmen
  • Pesticides regulation and use
  • Policy relevance for the environment and food/feed safety