Social Events

In-Person attendance will be accepted only for Pre-Registered Participants
fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19.


On Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 20.30 hours (EEST) we have the pleasure to invite you to a meet-and-greet for a welcome drink.
Location: Hotel Du Lac, Kormoranos café-bar veranda


Individually packaged lunch boxes and water bottles will be served outside the lecture hall according to the following time slots:
We encourage participants to carry out their lunch box if weather conditions allow it.
Monday, September 27th 13.00-14.30 hours (EEST)
Tuesday, September 28th 13.30-15.00 hours (EEST)
Wednesday, September 29th 13.30-15.00 hours (EEST)


On Monday, September 27 at 21.00 hours (EEST).
Access to all pre-registered participants and exhibitors by demonstrating their personal bar code and documents according to the congress protocol.
The dinner will be held at the outdoor pool of Hotel Du Lac. If weather conditions do not allow it, dinner will take place indoors..
Regulations apply according to the Congress Protocol for in-person attendance.
Entrance to dinner is accepted only upon display of:
Vaccination Record Certificate
Certificate of recovery
Badge with Personal bar code