The health and safety of COMECAP2021 attendees, faculty, partners, and staff remains the top priority for the COMECAP2021 organizers. The most up-to-date guidelines and recommendations will be observed and maintained at all times. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Preparing for COMECAP2021

Delegates are responsible to ensure that they are aware of all travel precautions and restrictions, particular to their region, regarding travel to/from Greece. For up-to-date information, please consult the following resource.

CONGRESS PROTOCOL to enter the Congress Venue

In-Person attendance will be accepted only via Pre-Registration(only fully vaccinated participants or recovered from COVID-19 the last six months). Upon your arrival at the congress center of Hotel Du Lac a representative on behalf of the Organizing Administrative Bureau will welcome you and request presentation of the following documents:

  • Vaccination Record Certificate (14 days from the date of the second dose (or single dose in case of Johnson & Johnson)
  • or

  • Certificate of recovery issued after after the 30th day from the date of the first positive PCR test date. (The certificate is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive PCR test)
  • or

  • Your personal bar code which you will have received from the Organizing Administrative Bureau (along with the registration confirmation).

What Happens at the Event?

Hotel Du Lac Congress Center

Hotel Du Lac Congress Center adheres to all rules and regulations set out by Government authorities, to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

All services in the venue will be assisted by staff fully vaccinated.

Masks will be required for all visitors to Hotel Du Lac Congress Center and hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the venue. For a full description on the measures being taken at the venue please click here.
Conference Hall
The number of attendees (only fully vaccinated participants or recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months) allowed with physical presence is limited by the capacity of the Conference halls, keeping with social distancing measures of 1,5m apart in all directions. Conference Hall physical presence may extend to 85% of their capacity.
  • If there is no space between seats (e.g., in amphitheater halls), seats shall remain empty on both sides of each seated person. Seats that are not to be used will be explicitly marked.
  • Standing persons are not allowed in the halls.
  • Attendees’ entrance to conference halls is monitored by electronic scanning of their conference badge. Only chairs/speakers of the meeting, authorized attendees and the technical staff are allowed to be present in the hall.
  • Entry is not allowed to anyone who is not registered participant or Conference personnel.
  • There shall be a staff member inside the hall who shall monitor adherence to safety protocols by all present in the hall, including catering/hospitality/audiovisual staff, as well as the capacity limitation measures and available seating, to avoid overcrowding.
  • Room staff will distribute the microphone during duration of Q&A, and will clean the microphone after each question.
  • Separate meeting spaces are created for B2B meetings, if necessary, where social distancing rules are followed and all necessary precautionary measures are taken (e.g., use of a mask), to avoid overcrowding in the stands.
  • Eating and receiving food is not prohibited in the halls.
  • Wearing of face masks is mandatory for all present in the hall (staff, technicians, security, attendees, faculty).
Speaker/Chair Panels
At the chairpersons’ panel, chairs are placed at a sufficient distance between them, and there are antibacterial gels for all moderators/chairpersons. Personal bottles of water will exist on the chairpersons’ panel and will be changed upon chairpersons’ changing.
  • Conference room staff or the catering service are responsible for changing water and utensils.
  • Desktop table microphones are cleaned by audiovisual company staff supporting the conference, after each session. The same goes for any lapel/cordless microphones that are used.
  • On the podium, microphones and controls, used for speaker presentations are cleaned after the end of each presentation by the audiovisual company, which supports the conference on the basis of the security/protection procedures that govern them. Bottled water that will be on the podium shall change along with the change of Speaker.
  • Wearing of face masks is mandatory for all present at the Venue (staff, technicians, security), for attendees and faculty. Otherwise, speakers can refrain from wearing a mask during their speeches, as long as there are Plexiglass dividers present, which are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between the speakers.
  • Room staff will distribute the microphone during duration of Q&A and will clean the microphone after each question.
  • This same procedure is to be observed in all the parallel rooms of the conference.
  • There is an explicit instruction for people with respiratory symptoms not to participate. UPLOADING PRESENTATIONS
  • It is encouraged to send speeches to the secretariat electronically.
  • The secretariat of the preview desk has a plexiglass barrier on the front to avoid droplet transfer.
  • The staff of the preview desks must wear a mask and have antiseptics.
  • In front of each person of the secretariat staff, there will be antiseptic liquid for any of the delegates who wish to use it.
Conference Secretariat
Registration, supply of entry badge, scientific program and handing out certificates shall take place online (via email, SMS, social networking).
  • The conference secretariat, located in a prominent and comfortable space, will have a plexiglass barrier in front to avoid droplet transfer.
  • Conference secretariat staff must wear a mask.
  • Antiseptic gel/fluid will exist in front of each person of the secretariat staff, for any of the participants who wish to use it.
Attendees who wish to attend the conference physically must be able to register online (AND THE LATEST BY SEPTEMBER 10TH 2021) in order to obtain a seat in the Conference Hall. Registrations for physical presence are limited by the capacity of conference halls, the availability of diagnostic tests, and by the distance between seated attendees. Attendees who have not registered are not allowed entry, unless vacancies are available. Only the speakers, chairpersons, registered attendees, and conference staff shall be present in the Conference Hall.
  • Communication between participants and the Conference Secretariat/Organizers shall take place via telephone or online (e-mail: for any issue that may arise, in order to limit speaker/attendee movement to meet the Organizers/Secretariat, including financial issues, parking validation, etc.
  • Registration, supply of conference badges, scientific programs, certificates, and other material shall take place online (via email, SMS, social networking).
Technical Staff
  • The venue shall be closed off and completely controlled during the entirety of the Conference setup and dismantling, and access shall be given only to certified persons that shall carry the relevant credentials (badge).
  • All staff shall need to wear their badges as to be fully visible during all stages of preparation, as well as during the Conference. Frequent checks (via badge scanning) shall be carried out, in order to make sure that entry to the Venue is limited to allowed persons.
  • Badges for associates and technical/construction personnel shall be given to the same upon their arrival to the Venue, and only since they have sent the Organizers all necessary information within relevant deadlines.
  • During Conference setup, social distancing measures must be applied. This may bring the need for shift work for construction and technical personnel, especially in the case of complicated setup, to avoid crowding.
  • The Security company and the person responsible for the Venue will carry out checks during the entirety of the Conference, in order to ensure the application and adherence of all health and safety protocols, and social distancing.
  • Wearing face masks and adherence to health protocols is mandatory for all personnel.

What is COMECAP2021 doing to keep you safe?

In addition to all standard requirements, COMECAP2021 is setting up additional safeguards in its processes and procedures to ensure the well-being of COMECAP2021 participants and provide an enjoyable Congress experience in a safe atmosphere. These includes measures such as:

  • No-contact registration process
  • Congress Secretariat and Technical Assistance will include people who are fully vaccinated
  • Organizers will test all staff working for the congress for COVID-19 before they can enter and work for the congress
  • Ensure staff and attendees wear masks correctly and consistently
  • Individually packaged lunch boxes and water bottles during the lunch breaks. In case weather conditions allows coffee break and lunch breaks will be served outdoor
  • Long-term surface disinfection for high-touch areas

What else can you do to stay safe?

It is important to always be aware of and maintain social distancing (2m between people), wear a mask, and follow proper hygiene protocols, including frequent hand washing, sanitization and cough/sneeze etiquette.
We ask for your help in ensuring your own safety and the safety of your colleagues by following directional signage put in place in the venue and complying to the regulations and restrictions required by the venue, COMECAP2021, and any local public health authorities.
Finally, please be sure to isolate and advise event staff immediately should you develop any symptoms related to COVID-19.
While all measures are in place to keep you safe, your participation at the COMECAP2021 Congress is at your own discretion.
The Organizers assumes no responsibility for any personal illness, injury, damages, losses, or other associated risks related to attendance at COMECAP2021 in Ioannina - Greece.