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Transfer Services

How to get to Patras

Getting to Patras from Athens International Airport (240 km) MAP

Travel time: Approximately 2h 33min
Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” serves every day numerous Domestic, European and International flights. Patras is easily connected to the airport via Attiki Odos high-speed motorway and Athens - Patras Highway.

By bus (220 km) MAP

Travel time: Approximately 2h 30min (express) to 3h (with stops)
Bus fare: 12 Euros

The best and quickest way to travel from Athens to Patras is by bus. There are bus services from Athens to Patras, with departures approximately every half an hour. The bus terminal in Athens is called the "KTEL Kifissou”.

If you wish to travel by bus to Patras from Athens International Airport, you have to take two separate buses. First, is the urban bus X93, which departs outside the Arrivals Area in the airport and gets to Kifissos Central Bus Station (in Athens). From the Kifissos Bus Station there is a suburban bus run by KTEL Achaia, that travels to Patras.

For further information you can check the timetable below:

6:00 11:00 16:00 (express) 20:30
6:15 (express) 11:30 16:30 21:00
6:45 12:00 17:00 (express) 21:45
7:30 12:30 (express) 17:15  
8:00 13:00 17:45  
8:30 (express) 13:30 18:00 (express)  
9:00 14:00 (express) 18:30  
9:30 14:30 19:00 (express)  
10:00 15:00 (express) 19:30  
10:30 (express) 15:30 20:00  
2:30 9:30 (express) 14:00 18:30 (express)
5:00 10:00 14:30 19:00 (express)
5:45 10:30 (express) 15:00 19:30
6:00 (express) 11:00 15:30 (express) 20:15
6:30 11:30 (express) 16:00 21:00
7:15 11:45 16:30 (express) 21:45
7:45 (express) 12:30 17:00  
8:15 13:15 17:30 (express)  
9:00 13:30 (express) 18:00  

For the final schedule or any updates, please contact directly Ktel Kifissos on
the telephone number 0030 210 5136 185

By Train

Total travel time: 3h
Use the Suburban Railway System (Proastiakos) from AIA "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Kiato terminal station (route duration: 1.5hrs). At Kiato terminal station take the OSE bus to Patras or a taxi to reach Patras (route duration: 1.5 hrs). For further information you can visit the official website of the Hellenic Railways Organization.

By Ship

Patras' modern port (located very close to the centre) connects the city with Italy through over 50 scheduled ferry routes per week (departures: Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi).

Ionian islands are also connected to Patras by ferry boats available daily through numerous scheduled routes.

Reaching Patras from Thessaloniki

By Car

Travel time: Approximately 4h 30min
The third major highway system in Greece is the Ionian Highway that connects Patras with the Northern Greece. Northern Greece is connected to the Peloponnese via the Rio–Antirrio bridge, 2,880-metre-long, one of the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges.  

Transfer Services

The Official Organizing Administrative Bureau will offer the following options:


Travel time: Approximately 2h 15min to 2h 30min
Mini buses capacity: up to 17 persons

All interested participants arriving at the Athens International Airport will be shuttled to the hotel of their accommodation in Patras via a minivan. Similar services will be offered for their return trip. All transfers will be coordinated by the Organizing Administrative Bureau “Conferre SA” and will be scheduled for

Wednesday 23/5/2018
• One shuttle bus in the afternoon

Thursday 24/5/2018
• One shuttle bus in the morning
• One shuttle bus at noon
• One shuttle bus in the evening

*A transfer submission form with the exact hours will be available in due time and the latest by the middle of March according to the final program. All interested participants are requested to submit it to no later than March 30th.


By taxi:

Travel time: Approximately 2h to 2h 15min
Taxi fare: 240 euros
Contact person: Mr. Harris Skarlas
Tel: 0030 6947600607

In the framework of the LIVE 2018 there has been arranged a discounted Cost of 240 euros per transfer (Athens International Airport/Accommodation hotel – vice versa). Delegates are kindly requested to contact directly Mr. Harris Skarlas in order to make the necessary arrangements.

We will assist you in all your needs.